Make your hardwood floors shine with professional cleaning and waxing. If you’ve spent a lot of money and effort on the hardwood floors of your home you want to keep them looking special. You will probably have a routine that you follow for cleaning them yourself but this normal household cleaning often only serves to move the dirt around the surface of the floor. The only way to make your hardwood floors truly shine is to freshen them up with professional hardwood floor cleaning. At Carpet Stretch we have a friendly team of experts waiting to help you with this.

Your hardwood floors add a warm and attractive feel to your home and our deep cleaning service will make sure this remains the case. Speak to us today and we will arrange an appointment that is convenient for you; we’ll even provide a free quote for our work. When we come to your home we will inspect your floors thoroughly, and identify any problem areas that may require special attention. This will help us to plan and complete the job in the most effective manner to make sure that your floors look amazing when we have finished.

It’s not just about cleaning your floors either, we provide a professional hardwood floor waxing service that produces incredible results you can really rely on. Contact us today and we’ll discuss your requirements with you, we are here to help you get the beautiful hardwood floors you deserve.


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